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  • Our efforts. Your benefit.

    Our efforts. Your benefit.

The team of Birseck-Treuhand AG extends a hearty welcome to you!

We are a highly competent and reliable team offering advice to private individuals and
companies. We are experts in the area of tax consulting, financial reporting, audit services as
well as advisory services for SMEs.


Financial Reporting / Financial Statement Closing Services

  • Financial Reporting (Swiss Code of Obligation, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS)
  • Advice on monthly / annual financial statement closing
  • Local services for Swiss subisidiaries of international companies (group reporting services)


Financial Reporting Services for SMEs
Payroll administration


  • Full audits and Limited Statutory Examination
  • Reviews
  • Special purpose audits including incorporation, capital increase, capital decrease and mergers
  • Partner Swiss Audit Corporation


Audit Services for SMEs

Tax Services and Legal Advice

  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Tax returns for individuals and coroporates
  • Legal representation in supplementary and tax penalty proceedings
  • VAT declaration / VAT representation for companies from abroad
  • Consulting of individuals for the distribution of estates / executor of a will


Tax planning
Retirement planning

Advisory for SMEs

  • Start-up Support, Business plan (incorporation, financial reporting, financing) - particular industry experience in life sciences, biotechnology
  • Succession planning for SMEs (corporate valuation)
  • Conversion projects of financial reporting (Swiss Code of Obligation – Swiss GAAP FER – IFRS)
  • Interim management for SMEs (finance and accounting)
  • Business analytics - key performance indicators (KPI) report for SMEs


Advisory for SMEs

About us

Licensed Audit Expert according to the Swiss Audit Oversight Act (AOA)
Registry number: 500721


Christoph Huber | Consultant

M.A. HSG in Accounting and Finance, Swiss Certified Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert,
cert. IFRS Accountant

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Jarkko Schäublin | Consultant

MSc in Business and Economics, Swiss Certified Fiduciary, Licensed Audit Expert, 
cert. IFRS accountant, Member of the
Tax Appeals Commission Basel-Stadt

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Eveline Konrad | Consultant

Federal Diploma in Commerce, Vocational Matura

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Hugo Huber | Managing Director

lic. jur., lic. oec. HSG, Swiss Certified Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert, 
Expert Swiss GAAP FER

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Gerlinde Zuckschwert | Consultant

Commercial graduate

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Brigitte Huber | Reception

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We cooperate with a broad network of experts, which we could consult if appropriate.



We are a dynamic trust and consulting company looking for highly competent and motivated team players.
Please send us your application to

Currently we have the following vacancies:

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„…Birseck-Treuhand AG has handled:

  • Management of the monthly salary administration tasks
  • Bookkeeping and closing of the financial statements of the Swiss entity
  • Completion of the tax declarations
  • General guidance on consulting services for matters of accounting, tax, personnel and social security law

The team of Birseck-Treuhand is dealing their remits rapidly but yet with due care to details and therefore avoiding issues. We always were confident that their services ensured our Swiss laws and regulations. (…)“ Full reference

„…Hugo and his team have handled:

  • Accounting of the Swiss entity
  • Consolidation of our other European subsidiary
  • Reporting to the US headquarter, including Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly closing

(…) Their service is very efficient, and according to the word of our US colleagues, providing outstanding value for their fees. (…) Birseck-Treuhand AG was recommendet to me by a previous customer who used their services for creating, like we did, the European affiliate of a US company. (…)“
Full reference

„…Birseck-Treuhand was responsible for the accounting of our books and for the monthly and end-of-year reporting to our Headquarter in the USA. They carried out  the payroll work for our office which included administrating the details of salaries, insurances firms.

Hugo and his staff were extremely helpful and competent in all aspects of servicing our accounting needs within Europe.  I was very pleased to have Mr. Hugo Huber on our Board of Directors due to his level of competency and integrity. (…)“. Full reference

„…Hugo and his staff functioned as my Swiss accounting and tax support while I was stationed in Europe with Genentech Europe Ltd. as Director of Finance and Administration. (…).

Genentech outsourced its basic accounting functions throughout Europe. Hugo and his staff were by far the most flexible and productive of all the groups retained. If we were to increase our European efforts, again, (…) we would immediately look to Birseck-Treuhand to be our primary accounting services firm.“ Full reference

„…Birseck-Treuhand AG was responsible for the payroll administration of our Swiss Branch including salaries, insurances, pension funds, taxes, taxes at source and end of the year salary declarations.

Mr. Hugo Huber and his team were extremely helpful and competent in all aspects of servicing payroll administration needs. They are handling their duties with professionalism and efficiency, due care to details, (…) preventing issues.
Full reference

Die Birseck-Treuhand AG war „…eingesetzt für die Revision der Jahresrechnung, die Review der Zwischenabschlüsse sowie des Reportings, die Erstellung der Steuererklärung, (…).  Zudem untersützte uns die Birseck-Treuhand AG bei der Mehrwertsteuer- und AHV-Revisionen (…). „
Herr Huber und sein Team hat eine sehr gute Arbeit geleistet. Die stets kompetenten Auskünfte sowie die effiziente Arbeitsweise unstreichen nochmals den durchwegs positiven Eindruck. (…)“ Gesamte Referenz

„…Mr. Hugo Huber and his very pleasant staff at Birseck-Treuhand AG were responsible for the accounting of our books and (…) reporting to our headquarters in the USA. (…) At our request they also (…) liaised on our behalf with the authorities, including the tax authorities, insurance firms and pension providers.

We found Birseck-Treuhand AG to be most efficient and helpful, and willing to take on any task asked them.“
Full reference

„Mr. Hugo Huber, Birseck-Treuhand, used to work for our entity (…) as temporary head of our Finance and Administration department. He was in charge  of the accounting and closing of our books as well as reporting to our headquarters in the United States.

We thank Mr. Hugo Huber for his excellent work and his helpful support while our position as head of the F&A department was vacant. (…).“ Full reference


Do you have a question concerning a service, a suggestion or feedback? Please get in touch with us.

Mailing address

Birseck-Treuhand AG
Postplatz 7
CH-4144 Arlesheim

Tel.: +41 61 706 90 00
Fax:  +41 61 706 90 01